Ad Testing


Category: Ad Testing

Objective: To identify impact of outdoor campaign on SUV brand.

Methodology: Face to face structured interview.

Industry: Automotive.

Target group: Male car owners.


The client is ‘out of home communication specialist’ providing key consumer insights and actively contributing in designing the communication strategy for companies in outdoor media. They had come up with and outdoor campaign for a leading SUV brand in India.

The challenges…

The outdoor campaign which was carried throughout India, they wanted to understand the effectiveness of their campaign.
Along with campaign, the company required to understand the impact of various outdoor media for SUV vehicle category brands.

Our approach…

Face to face structured interviews were conducted in major cities among working men owing a car.


o The effectiveness of the outdoor SUV campaign and the key advertising elements that triggers brand recall was indentified.

o The concern areas of the advertisement were also identified which helped the client to take appropriate measures for correcting them.

o It also provided insights into the media habits of Male car owners and where they fitted Out Of Home advertising in their mind, which provided clues to the agency on selecting the most effective medium for promoting SUV category.