Market Search provides advanced analytics services to help companies drill deeper into the data and understand the subterranean data linkages, which drive customer behaviour. The Analytics services help companies to take data driven decisions and hone their marketing programs. Market Search can combine information from multiple data sources such as Transactional data, Demographic data and Market Research data using our analytics programs to present the clients insights to ensure acquisition, retention and enhancement in customer relationships.

Range of Analytics services include specific services like

Customer Profiling

o Who are your customers?

o Which strata of society do they belong to?

o What stage in their life are they in?

o What do they like and dislike?

.. In addition, hundreds of other similar questions that you may be asking yourself are answered by customer proofing analysis.


o Identifying key segments in your customer base provides enormous opportunities to fine tune marketing and communication strategies and target your market better.

o We leverage our extensive knowledge in marketing and statistical techniques to conduct these segmentation studies.

Lost Sales Analysis

Why do prospects remain prospects and do not become customers? What triggered the decision not to buy your brand? Lost Sales Analysis is a special model, which helps you understand which elements of your marketing mix, is working well and which is not.

Prescription Analysis

o To understand the prescription behaviour of a doctor – Generic v/s brands

o To profile a doctor in terms of specialty, types of disease/ illnesses treated, in-clinic incidence of each type of disease, types of patients seen (type of insurance coverage, income class, age, SEC), etc.

o To analyse the potential of doctors in prescribing a particular type of drug/s

o Brand loyalty – # & frequency of Rxs written for a particular brand in a defined period

Patients profiling

o To profile a patient based on certain criteria like type of disease, age, gender, SEC, Income class, type of insurance coverage, product (drugs/ brands used), duration of therapy, prognosis of the disease, etc.

o To find the factors influencing the buying motives of patients

o To study the perception of patients about the Pharmaceutical manufacturer vis-à-vis competition

o Satisfaction of patients with the manufacturer’s product

o What are the influencing factors for patients to continue with the Pharmaceutical manufacturer’s product