Auditing your retail or service performance!

Auditing your retail
or service performance!

Regular performance check of your retail setup, service, and people leads to improved sales!!!

Production and R&D team think out of the box and crate innovative products, marketing team puts lots of efforts in designing marketing strategy, creating promotional material, training module, deciding right price, etc. Logistic team makes sure that products and VM material is reached out at point of purchase at the right time.

All these are working towards a common goal of achieving targets and increasing sales; but what if that innovative product is not being properly displayed at the store, eye catchy communication/ VM is not seen in the store, sales team is not communicating the new product/ offers, they fail to follow the SOPs, there is no customer engagement and then customer even though have visited the store is not buying your innovative product or those who have avail of your service once don’t come back to you again.

Isn’t this a common scenario seen in many brands and companies? You keep wondering what went wrong? Why are the sales not improving?

Solutions from Market Search India

In the gamut of research services that we offer, there is a solution that would certainly come at your rescue – Auditing your retail performance or service performance!

Audits can be conducted as a mystery audit or as an informed audit, in mystery audit the auditor acts as a disguised customer whereas in other case they act as an invigilator. Mystery audits are conducted for checking availability and display of the product and promotional material, availability and performance of sales people, quality of service whereas informed audits are conducted mostly for services offered at customer’s doorstep where checks on technician/ company personnel’s attendance, carrying all required material, following SOPs, quality of service are done.

In any type of audit process, the selection of auditor is very important, the mystery auditor should match with the profile of real customer, they need to be well trained on company policies and SOPs, should have sharp eyes and ears to observe and note down the experience. The auditors have to be thoroughly prepared with knowledge of the observation points and evaluating parameters before conducting the audit.

Audit study outcome helps a retail brand in assessing its performance on accessibility, business location exterior, store ambience, in store communication, visual merchandising, housekeeping & cleanliness, etc. whereas it evaluates sales person in terms of functional competencies like retail knowledge, product knowledge, process knowledge, system knowledge, décor skills and selling process knowledge along with its grooming and general behaviour.

Audit study outcome helps a service provider in assessing punctuality of their personnel/ technicians, grooming, communication skills, speed & accuracy of service, compliance of SOPs, customer query handling, product knowledge, general behaviour, attitude, etc.

Audit study results can be mapped with C-Sat results and sales data to define a finer course of action for enhancing performance. Audit study can be carried out for all retail brands, service industries like banks, QSRs, hospitality, healthcare, home hygiene, entertainment – cinemas, mobile service, fuel stations, etc.

Key clientele who have benefitted from our audit studies are Godrej Interio, Godrej Security Solutions, Godrej Locks, Samsonite, The Mobile Store, HiCare and IDBI Bank.