Brand Name Research Study.

Brand Name
Research Study

Category: Brand name Research Study.

Objective: To understand the awareness level of brand name.

Methodology: Quantitative Research. (Face to face interview)

Industry: Retail.

Target group: College students and young adults.


The client is leading retail operations company that owns and manages a number of retail chains in India. They had introduced a new brand name, a unisex brand name for youth casual wear. The brand had taken a bold approach through an unconventional name with overtones of intimacy.

The Challenges Were…

After the launch, the client wanted to understand the awareness level of brand name among the target respondents and how do they perceive this brand, does it connect to them as a youth brand.

Our Approach…

Market Search India suggested a Quantitative Research method with Face to face interviews with target respondents using a structured interview. They study were conducted among the college students and young adults.


o Awareness level of the new brand name.

o Feedback on key aspects like ease of pronunciation, easy to remember, fit with the product category, fit with the company name, comprehension and imagery associated with the brand was also captured.

o Liked & disliked aspects about the overall collection of the new brand were identified.

o The users were segmented based on demographics to identify the segments favourable to the brand and fine tune marketing strategy towards sub segments.

o The brand name was found to be liked and well accepted by youth.