Buying Behaviour Study

Buying Behaviour

Category: Buying Behaviour Study.

Objectives: o To measure the key parameters considered while purchasing financial instrument.

o To understand the perceptual mapping of alternatives in consumer’s mind.

Methodology: Personal Interviews.

Industry: BFSI.

Target group: Retail investors. (Mumbai).


Our client is one of India’s leading financial services firm offering Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance & Advisory, Brokerage & Distribution services in the areas of equities, commodities, mutual funds, structured products, insurance, corporate deposits, bonds & loans to institutions, corporations, high-net worth individuals and families.

The challenges…

The client was interested to know various savings / Investment instruments customers buy from financial advisors and also customer satisfaction with the product and services offered by financial advisors.


From the study,
o The behaviour of the retail investor in terms of risk and returns.

o To understand the preferences of investors related to stocks, shares, insurance, and mutual funds.

o To find the awareness level and the usage patterns for the customer’s investment.

o Provided the position of the client competition in the consumer mind.

o Insights in terms of customer buying behaviour and satisfaction with financial advisors were also given.