Concept Testing


Category: Concept Testing

Objective: To understand the market in the Indian Hotel Industry.

Methodology: Face-to-face/ telephonic interviews.

Industry: Event.

Target group: Leading Hotel Groups and FF&E manufacturers.


The client was one of the leading B2B event organiser in UK, who conducts networking events that bring together buyers and suppliers in the Hotel industry. They have been successful with this event in North America, Middle East and Europe, and wished to evaluate the potential for this unique event in India.

As the Indian Market was a complex but an important and a growing one, they were keen to make their maiden event a success. They wished to understand the purchase process adopted by the Hotel groups based in India and Indian marketplace will react on this new concept of B2B event?

They were keen to get every detail about the event right to make it a success including micro issues like Who will participate in their event as a buyer/seller? When would be the ideal time to host such an event? What should be the participation fees? Who are the competitors?


The study was conducted in 52 major cities in India with the sample size of 300 including the leading Hotel Groups and FF&E manufacturers.

The Results…

The India market was ripe such a unique concept of B2B event. As Indian tourism and hospitality industry was growing rapidly and was aligning itself with global practices, various hotel groups were keen and willing to attend such an event to find out new vendors.

A key insight that emerged from the study was that Indian buyers were familiar with such concepts and were looking forward to have a global event in India and were comfortable with a nominal fees for attending such an event. The presence of local competition in certain regional markets in the form of micro versions of the event was another valuable insight for the client.