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Customer Experience (CX)

Customer experience (CX) is one of the leading ways that marketers seek to differentiate their brands these days.

So, when marketers say that they want to differentiate themselves from competitors using CX, what they mean is that they want to improve their customer journey and make it better than their competition’s.

And to do this, they have to break down this journey into the different phases that the customer goes through when evaluating, buying, and using their product or service.

Our tool will help in mapping entire journey of the customer from consideration to recommendation stage and sharing their feedback in their own words.

How to map customer journey using CX study?

The following 6 drivers/ elements will be used to map CX –

How will we go about conducting CX research study?

The study approach would be have multiple ways to capture customer experience –

1. Online survey – mix of quantitative and qualitative questions – quantifying experience in terms of ratings and sharing verbatim/ justifications for ratings – positive and negative comments.

2. Data extraction from Social media pages – extraction of comments/ testimonials/ reviews of the company from Facebook, Twitter, website, online e-commerce websites, etc.

3. The recency of social media data will be decided based on the industry the client belongs to. Any recent changes happened in the industry in terms of changes in policy, regulations, etc. which would have major impact on the customer experience will be considered while analysing the social media data.