Customer Feedback


Category: Customer Feedback.

Methodology: Dyna- feed.

Industry: Real Estate.

Target group: Developers and Customers.


Real estate in old times was visiting the location/site and having a glance at the plot layout and surroundings to get a complete view. Thanks to digital era where all the valuable information about the location of plots, houses, office structures, area surroundings, blueprints of the area and floor structure, overview about developers and architects are available all at one place.

Real estate, one of the recognized sectors is expected to grow by 30% over the next decade and is the second largest sector after agriculture. Looking at the growth of real estate sector and the advent of digital technology, Market Search India came up with a new and faster solution – Dyna-Feed.

Dyna-Feed is an interactive tool, which helps developers communicate with customers in a targeted fashion and provides faster and easier interaction, give detailed information about their current project along with the snapshots of views, floor plans and amenities. Dyna feed has options to get finer understanding of the needs of the customers and setting up an environment for discussion fast.

Benefits to Developers / Builders:

Developers and builders have large number of details uploaded on their websites and other portals to show their presence, but using Dyna-Feed it makes these available at anytime and anywhere. Clients can easily interact with the AI tool to know more about the developers’ projects whereas developers on the other hand can collect basic information about the clients like their name and mobile number to contact them further.

Benefits to Customers:

Customers can easily connect and gain useful information about the realty group, check their project or layout again if in case they missed anything and also provide feedback or request a call can be done from the same platform. They can check images or videos and even blueprints of the selected projects.

Our approach:

Our approach for using the interactive bot is to improve the communication between developers and customers. The data which is being collected is used specifically for research purpose.


Using Dyna-Feed for real estate group we can understand that people who have never interacted or wants to know more about the developers. This helps in understanding the target audience and helping developers plan the right marketing strategy for promotions and maximise gain. This in turn would help to generate more leads and higher conversion.