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Today’s consumers are demanding and discerning, they expect relevancy of communication and a good customer experience. Unless a company has an unlimited budget for marketing and sales activities, it is insane in spending your valuable time and money for marketing your product to people who aren’t interested in what you are selling.

Consumer profiling is a systematic method of summarizing consumer data which include their shopping habits, lifestyles, income level, preferences, demographics, and psychographics and purchase behavior etc. It offers additional insight into customers and to help to identify and gain a deeper understanding of the target market.

Customer profiling helps you to unfold the following dimensions of your ideal customer

    o Demographic details: Age, Gender, Marital Status, Accommodation, Education, Occupation, Household income, life stages

    o Psychographic details: Personality, Interest and activities, lifestyle

    o Buying behavior: What/Where/When they buy? How frequently they buy?

    o Media Habits: What media they use? What they like to read/watch/listen? How frequently they engaged with the media? Which media is most influential?

    o Brand Perception: Which brands they like most? Why? How do they perceive your brand vis-a vis competition brands?

Benefits of Consumer profiling Study

1. Improve Targeted Marketing:

By mapping out better consumer target segments, brands can push out more personalized experiences and messages on their websites, in social media, on mobile, and in retail. For instance, car dealers will now be able to reach someone who has specifically browsed or liked a certain make/model of car on an advertiser’s website or Facebook property and who has shown behavior that he or she will soon purchase a vehicle.

2. Enhance response rate for your marketing communication:

Customer profile helps businesses to communicate with the right people at the right time. This helps them to drive the desired results from sales and campaign. Customer profiling is considered to be very important for businesses looking to boost their response rates.

3. Unveiled the untapped market potential:

A customer profile enables businesses to understand their best customers and this, in turn, can help identify prospects with similar characteristics. Such prospects can turn out to be potential customers and are always expected to have greater interest in your service and offering.