Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction

Category: Customer Satisfaction Survey

Objectives: To understand the e shopper perspectives on online shopping and their satisfaction with various brands.

Methodology: Quantitative Method.

Industry: E-commerce.

Target group: Online shoppers.


E-commerce in India has evolved significantly in the last decade, and there are many aspects of e-commerce like TV shopping, online shopping and mobile, which is all part of what is digital commerce. Our client who is a leading consumer magazine in India helps consumers to choose the right products and services at the best value.

The challenges…

They wished to understand the usage and attitude of people towards online shopping websites and understand the customer’s concern areas in online shopping.

Our approach…

o Quantitative Method with the regular online shoppers in metro cities.

o To understand their usage & attitude towards online shopping.

o Satisfaction level on key parameters for online shopping was captured.

o Feedback was taken to understand the concern areas in online shopping.


o Identified shopping habits, type of commodities and various websites preferred.

o The study helped to map the products customers preferred, identify drivers & barriers for the online shopping.

o Major concerns of online shopping by the customers were also identified.

o Were able to understand the usage of mobile phones and overall level of satisfaction on key parameters for various websites used for online shopping.

o Helped the client to rank the online shopping website brands based on end users’ preferences.