Feasibility Study


Category: Feasibility Study.

Methodology: Face to face structured interview.

Industry: Hospitality.

Target group: Hospitality.


Our client is a pioneer in eco friendly, green hotels in India and operates large number of Hotels, Clubs and Resorts. Their brand of hotels is a trademark for environmentally sensitive hotels across India.
Our client wanted to benefit from this increased inbound traffic to India by expanding their reach to one of the potential locations in India.

The Challenges Were…

o Limited infrastructure made the proposed location a great opportunity and also a greater risk at the same time.

o The absence of any chain of hotels was also a double-edge sword for the client.

o The main challenge was to capture pain points of current consumers which may help the client to tap the unmet demands of the consumers.

o To estimate the future growth of the hospitality industry in that region which may be quite different from the all India scenario?

Our Approach…

Market Search India conducted a series of face to face structured interviews with Key decision maker for corporate bookings, Consultant/Businessman staying in hotel and hotels currently present in the proposed location to gain insights about competition scenario, future demand & supply of hotel rooms.
All the stakeholders involved in the value chain were interviewed to come up with the overall scenario of the hotel industry.


From the study insights, we were able to estimate
o Future demand & supply and the price sensitivity of the market was also estimated.

o The opportunity and estimate financials helped the client to take a considered decision.

o Identified various service offerings that potential clients want and the price range they were willing to pay.