How to measure customer satisfaction?

How to measure
customer satisfaction?

Why measuring customer satisfaction is crucial for every business?

Every customer is important for every company – be it big giants like Tata, Birla, Ambani, Godrej Groups or small Start-Ups. It is a very expensive affair for a company to gain a new customer.

Retaining existing customers enhances the profitability in the long run. To achieve this, they should know answers to all “W” of their customers i.e. Who, What, When, Why, Where and How.

Typical problems

o Who is my target customer?
o What should I do to retain him/ her?
o What would make them happy?
o When is the right time to remind the customer that it’s time to revisit/ repurchase/reuse my products/ services?
o Why my customer thought of some other company than me?
o Where/ which areas should I work to gain confidence and happiness of my customers?
o Which aspects should I improve to regain my lost customers?
o How many of my customers are loyal with me? How many are on the verge of switching?

A company would like to know answers to all and many such questions to be successful.

Solutions from Market Search India

Market Search India would help you in assessing the satisfaction of your customers and identifying pain areas which need to improve on.

Market Search India’s customer satisfaction research model would help in identifying the drivers of customers’ satisfaction and how your company is performing on these drivers/ parameters, what are customer’s expectations and is your company able to meet those expectations, if not then what should be done, what are different ways to win trust and loyalty of your customers. This study also helps in understanding your customers’ buying behavior, media habits, psychographic and demographic profiling which can be also used while designing marketing and sales strategies. The company would know their relative position vis-à-vis competition in the market on key aspects and getting inputs for improving performance to become better than competition or being a market leader.

Market Search India has worked with companies in different industry verticals, both in public and private sectors like Mahanagar Gas Ltd., Tata Trent, Tata Consultancy Engineers, etc. With an extensive experience of customer satisfaction, Market Search India has further developed models for assessing the satisfaction of trade channel partners like dealers, distributors, vendors and also internal customers i.e. employees of the organization.