How to measure effectiveness of your advertisement?

How to measure effectiveness of
your advertisement?

Advertisement is the only medium to reach out to millions of customers at one go! The motto of every Advertisement is to get those few seconds of mind share of the viewer!

Advertisement can be shared with a specific target group by using media which is much customized like Linen/ Cutlery used in a luxurious hotel rooms or targeted for a mass media like digital or TV. But any advertisement if it is not created discernible or outstanding gets lost in the clutter of advertisements.

Now the most sought question of any advertiser would be how would I measure the effectiveness of my advertisement?

This is where Market Search India can help you!!!

Solution from Market Search India

Market Search India’s proprietary model of Advertisement effectiveness study helps in understanding the likeability of your creative/ advertisement from your target audience at both pre and post launch stages. Creative of advertisement in animatic format/ clipboard format before finalization is shared by the advertiser and these are shown to the target customers for understanding of its overall likeability, relevance, believability, message takeaway, and influence on action. In case of post launch evaluation, advertisement/ creative is shown in clutter of other advertisements simulating it with real scenario and check for its recall and other evaluating factors as mentioned above. In most of the cases, competitor advertisement is also included in the clutter for comparative analysis.

Advertisements created for all media like TV, print, radio, digital, outdoor can be evaluated with this method. The most important aspect which is captured in the output of this research is recall or visibility of the advertisement and message delivery apart from its likeability and influence.

Colleting feedback from the right target segment is very crucial in this research which is checked from the respondent’s consumption pattern and media exposure/ media habits. If the advertisement is published using different media at one time then the most influencing media in generating the product’s recall and purchase influence can also be found out with advertising effectiveness study. In case of pre-launch phase, the most influential advertisement from the available options can be identified and in the post launch phase, changes/ modifications required for the next advertisement can be found out.

We have helped clients like Percept Media, Parijat Industries, Shapoorji & Pallonji, Hindustan pencils, HiCare, Tata Realty, etc.