Impact of Digital Media

Impact Of
Digital Media

Category: Impact of Digital Media

Objective: To understand the influence of digital media in realty sector.

Methodology: Face-to-face/ telephonic interviews.

Industry: Realty Sector.

Target group: High net worth individuals.


The client is into sectors like communications, information technology, engineering, materials, services, energy, consumer products and chemicals, Realty & infrastructure. The group has operations in more than 80 countries across six continents, and its companies export products and services to 85 countries.

The Realty and infrastructure wing is renowned for building world class infrastructure. They had come up with infrastructure in 3 different categories i.e. premium residential, IT Park and a shopping mall.


o Due to intense competition existing in the realty sector they wanted to make use of other promotional medium like Digital along with conventional promotion media like outdoor, print.
o The main objective was to understand the decision making process while buying a new residential apartment/flat or taking a commercial space on rent in shopping mall or in commercial complex.
o Along with process even impact of various advertising media on purchase decision was required to understand.

Our approach…

Face to face or telephonic structured interviews were conducted among high net worth individuals residing in metropolitan cities who are willing to purchase flats/property in next 12 months in premium residential segment. For IT Park and shopping mall, interviews were conducted among company executive responsible for leasing commercial office space/ retail space to carry out their operations.


o The reasons and prime aspects while finalizing a deal were identified.

o Influential sources for gathering information and making purchase decision was identified which helped the client in designing appropriate promotional strategy.

o Preferred digital medium sites and their perceived importance in decision making was also captured from the target respondents.

o Expected features of digital media for effective communication & information sharing was indentified which helped the client to built an appealing digital platform.