Customer Centricity

Location Evaluation

Category: Location Evaluation Study.

Methodology: Face-to-face interviews.

Industry: Hospitality Sector.

Target group: Consumers, Leading retail brands and Real Estate consultant.


The client is one of the leading advisory firms in the field of hospitality sector which provides end-to-end solutions in the specialized areas of Mall conceptualization to Mall Management, with extensive “hands-on” experience in Retail & Mall development.

The Challenges Were…

As a new entrant for the proposed location the client was more concern about the success of their proposed Shopping Mall project and wanted to evaluate the potential in the proposed location.

Our Approach…

Face-to-face interviews were conducted with Consumers, Leading retail brands and Real Estate consultant using a structured questionnaire.


o According to Market Search India the proposed destination is one of the best planned cities in India.

o Market Search suggested that they should come up with their shopping mall project with the combination of entertainment, leisure, food and shopping in the proposed location.

o The shopping habits and mall visits pattern of the proposed location respondents was quite encouraging. Keeping in mind slow developmental pace of the proposed location, good mix of retail brand and services was suggested to the client for their upcoming mall.