Market Insight


“Without a human mind, you cannot have insight,” “If you’re going to do good insight work, you have to be willing to orchestrate the analysis context. … Insight comes from the mind.” as narrated by Liam Fahey, executive director at the Leadership Forum and author of multiple books about competition and strategy.

Market insight is an attempt to discover a penetrating truth about consumers, their aspirations and motivations which can in turn be used to generate growth.

Market Search India helps its clients in getting deeper insights of the research data. Market entry research studies help in understanding the total market size, key players along with their market share, current need gaps if any and availability of a sizeable market for a new entrant. Market Search India gives unbiased views to decide whether to enter or not to enter in the market and what would be the right time to enter into the market.

New product research studies help in understanding level of product acceptance and perceived value of new products among target customers. It helps in understanding the changes/ modifications required in the new product to be a superior product as compared to competition. The research findings also help in defining the launch strategy for the new product in terms of pricing, advertising media, communication inputs, profile of target segment, etc.

Satisfaction research studies are carried out across different stake holders – customers, employees, trade channel partners, etc. Satisfaction studies for employees help in understanding the engagement levels and drivers for increasing engagement index for the company. The simulation output of the research identifies the key influencing drivers and pain points to work on which would have significant impact on engagement levels. The actionable areas of improvement guides the company to define their short and long term action plans.