Research Solutions

Market Size

Market size estimation and segmentation helps you know the precise size of the market, enabling you to evaluate the current market situation and future development, and establish market strategies with data. Sizing the market is a necessary task for business and marketing planning, and budgeting.

We help our client to estimate the precise size of the market they are interested in, providing insights on the current situation and future growth potential of the overall market and its segments, and the challenges an entrant may face currently or in future due to various factors.

How does it help?

Understanding your market potential is essential for a range of different strategic decisions, such as:

o To understand feasibility of business
o To help take entry/ expand/ exit decision
o Product / Service development


o Size of the market
o Growth projections for next three years
o Key players – strengths & weaknesses
o Market dynamics
o Overall feasibility for new ventures

Market Segmentation:

o Is the market homogenous or is it made up of different segments with different characteristics?
o How big is each of these segments?
o Where are your potential consumers in terms of geography, demography and psychographic?
o Which segment(s) will you focus in your marketing strategy?

This knowledge is particularly important in highly competitive markets. Our clients can compete better and gain advantages in the market by performing properly in a competitive environment.