Grave business problems can be tackled early by sniffing for potential opportunity gaps. The question arises of when should the bell ideally ring in the head? How should we respond to the alarming bells?

Confused over the stagnation of your business growth?

Market gaps serve as extremely good sources for inspiring a business development idea. Make deliberate improvements when you know why customers use an existing feature and what they appreciate about it. Making specific modifications to improve the feature or discarding the feature entirely for better sustenance is an alternative to resort to. Identifying unsolved issues is a major chunk of the pie and can get graver if not met with timely addressable. Customer grievance is one such area which worked upon rigorously and implementing effective strategy/policies can ensure customer retention.

Can you afford to ignore your Opportunity Gaps?

The benefits of closing opportunity gaps are clear, but the risks of neglecting them are just as real. The peril lies in your brand assigning resources to opportunities that don’t generate returns.

If your brand must pivot to capitalize on an opportunity, it’s crucial to know that the efficiency is maintained at the highest level possible. The positive aspect is that identifying and closing opportunity gaps tends to generate high returns — and sometimes more cost-effective than investing in new projects altogether.

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