Pre-Ad Test


Category: Pre-Ad Test.

Methodology: Artificial Intelligence. (Dyna- Feed)


One of the India’s No.1 home and institutional hygiene company, that’s delighting customers with its advanced pest control, home cleaning, bird management, air purifiers and product solutions. Serving over 10 lac homes across 30 cities and 5 million Sq.ft. of commercial complexes currently. HiCare is India’s only HACCP certified Pest service provider, with strict enforcement of company guidelines for pest control. To increase the brand visibility in the market and educate the target groups on the pest control services, the company has decided to create one Print Advertisement. As a trusted brand, they are very cautious about the content and quality of their communications which can impact their company image. So they invited Market Search IPL to evaluate the effectiveness of this print advertisement among a target set potential of potential customers.

The Challenges Were…

The biggest challenge for client was to test the creative within 48 hours prior to launch.

Client desired for reassurance through research on the following aspects:

o Will this advertisement appeal to the target audience?

o Will this Ad relate to the target audience?

o Will this Ad communicate the right message to the target audience?

o Will this ad provoke them to avail pest control services?

Our Approach…

Considering the time constraints and scope of the research, Market Search used Artificial Intelligence based tool “Dyna-feed” to reach out to the correct target audience. Dyna-Feed can instantly connect, engage and analyse the stakeholder’s feedback and convert it in to the actionable insights to align Company’s advertisement strategies in the right direction and maximise gain out of it.


By using “Dyna-feed” tool we were able to complete Creative Testing within 24 hrs. Our quick insight report helped the client to gauge the effectiveness of the advertisement on the various aspects (i.e. Advertisement appeal, relativeness, message understanding and motivation to buy Pest control services) and helped in decision making to publish the advertisement in the schedule time.