Product Evaluation Study

Product Evaluation

Category: Product Evaluation Study

Methodology: Face to Face Structured Interview

Industry: Banking, Financial services and Insurance.

Target group: Financial Advisors


Our client is a leading player in name in providing new age internet based Transaction Platform to facilitate ease of transacting online and to support the Mutual Fund distribution community in conducting the Mutual Fund business in a more productive yet qualitative way.

One of the clients wanted to understand the reasons why Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) are not registering for Fin Net services, also the satisfaction level among the existing members.

Challenges …

o To test the perception and acceptance of this online transaction platform among the IFA (Individual Fund Advisors)
o Current processes used by the IFA (Individual Fund Advisors) for document processing
o Current method of document processing
o Awareness level about this online platform
o Issues faced if tried to register in the past
o Reasons for not registering
o Satisfaction level on various parameters
o Factors influenced in registering with this online platform

Our approach…

Market search conducted interviews in Mumbai with the individual Financial Advisors (Online transaction platform Users and Non users).


Non- users segment:

We helped our client to identify key needs of the prospective customers before they tried out this online platform and suggested our client to fulfil this need to convert the prospects desire into action in the AIDA “Awareness – Interest- Desire – Action” sequence.

Users Segment:

We helped our client to understand the actual user experience towards this online transaction platform, i.e Like/ Dislike aspects, Issues faced if any, suggestions for improvements.

We also helped the client understand the triggers for registering/deregistering with this online platform.