Product Test


Category: Product Test.

Objectives: To evaluate the preference of the new flavour with the existing variants and the competitor brands.

Methodology: Quantitative Research.


The client has been India’s largest manufacturer of biscuits and confectionary for almost 80 years. With a reach spanning even to the remotest village of India, the company has definitely come a very long way since its inception. Despite being makers of world’s largest selling biscuit, the client has less penetration in one of the prominent regions of India for the Marie biscuit. So, the client wanted to come up with the Marie biscuit which is preferred by current consumers. For the same, they had come up with 3 different variants of Marie biscuit and wanted to know which of them is well received by current consumers.

The Challenges Were…

3 variants of Marie and 3 competitor brands were selected for the study.

Our Approach…

The study was carried out as central location test as quantitative research. The central location test was conducted as blind fold test – blind fold test wherein the eyes of respondents’ were covered with a strip/ cloth (to avoid bias for the competitor brands)
3 variants of Parle and 3 competitors’ Marie were required to evaluate and due to higher number of samples to test, only monadic ratings were captured. Neutraliser was used after every sample product test. Randomisation of the products was followed for all 6 variants.


From the study insights,
o Determined overall likeability of the client’s variants/ products. In addition to it, we were also able to map competitor brands in terms of various aspects considered for the study.

o Mapped the demographic variations also in terms of likeability.

o Penalty analysis helped to identify the changes that are required to be done in their biscuits.

o The client could come up with the Marie biscuit which is having the desired qualities/aspects liked by the consumers; which in turn may help the client to penetrate in the region.