Product Test (NRT Gum)


Category: Product Test. (NRT Gum)

Methodology: Face to face Interview.

Industry: Pharmaceutical.

Target group: Smokers.


This globally recognized pharmaceutical brand, wished to launch a NRT gum in India targeting urban population. They were interested to understand the consumer preference, likeability & acceptance level of their brand as against Nicotex which is the only currently available brand.

The Challenges Were…

Due to less awareness of such substitute product there is high resistance among target group to try the client’s product though one player already exists in the market.

Our Approach…

o We carried out primary research study to understand the current level of awareness of NRT gums, functional benefits of NRT gums, experience with the product if tried before & perceived value/ benefits in quitting tobacco as well as to understand the product likeability and optimum pricing for smoke free NRT gums.

o Interviews were conducted among smokers to taste two products in blind form and feedback was taken on key evaluating parameters.

o Below we will see likeability to purchase client’s product VS competitor’s product –


We were able to help the client with understanding the purchase potential of their product vis-à-vis competition. We helped them to understand the triggers for the target customers to quit smoking & % of customers intend to quit smoking in future. Also pricing and packaging preference for the new NRT gums was derived.