Product Testing (Deodorants)


Category: Product Testing. (Deodorants)

Objective: To identify the preferred fragrances.

Methodology: Face to face interview.

Industry: Personal Care.

Target group: Men and women.


This Global personal care brand, very well established in UAE had launched just one of its product offerings in India and wished to expand their product basket by introducing new products in the Indian market. They planned to introduce deodorants – a rapidly growing category in which their parent company had a range of fragrances both for men and women.

The Challenges Were…

Due to intense competition existing in deodorants category in India, the client did not want to introduce all the fragrances and preferred to use a focused product approach to make a mark in this competitive market. In order to differentiate them from the clutter of brands, they strategized a sharply defined perfume variants mix to win over the target customers.

Our Approach…

We realized that the key objective was to identify the preferred fragrances among a range of options available considering the competition in the mind, along with the fragrance preferences, preferred pack size and price points.
These were conducted among regular users of deodorants as a blind test, where all deodorant packs were covered to mask the brand name and packaging print variation. Use of neutralizer like coffee beans, Randomization of the samples products was followed to avoid any bias.


o The preferred fragrances among men and women were identified.

o Map the different types of emotions evoked for each fragrance.

o Understood the triggers for purchase of deodorants and brand choice to help them in devising promotional strategy and positioning of their brand.