Research Solutions


Market Search have developed some research models based on the knowledge and wide range of studies conducted in the past. These research models are applied to understand particular industry by using number of recognised research methodologies. These models help the client to conduct a research in a better way and to get effective plan of action. Whether its introducing a new product in the market or selecting a proper media vehicle for promotions and advertising or may be sustaining and evaluating various aspects of brands like brand equity, brand image, it’s health tracking study, monitoring shopping habits to internal and external customers satisfaction survey, Market search Pvt ltd undertakes research study by using recognised research methodologies. Market Search India is a premier agency for market research and consulting in India.

Advertising Research

Advertising research is a precise procedure of gathering and examination of data to help create or assess proficiency and adequacy of advertising.

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Brand Image Study

Market Search along with its expertise can help your company make a mark in the market. Brand image plays a significant role in the improvement of a brand.

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Customer Profiling Study

Today’s consumers are demanding and discerning, they expect relevancy of communication and a good customer experience.

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Customer Satisfaction Study

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is a commonly used instrument that helps the employer/company measure the customers’ level of satisfaction.

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Mystery Shopping Study

Mystery Shopping is a fascinating technique for checking client experience where people are selected to depict real clients that shop at a store.

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Product Research

Product research let you understand what customers really want, allowing you to tailor your product offering to meet their needs and giving you a real competitive edge.

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