Sales force competitiveness

Sales Force

Category: Sales force competitiveness.

Objectives: To know the brand image and competitiveness of their field force.

Methodology: Face to face Interview.

Industry: Pharmaceutical.

Target group: Doctors.


Pharmaceutical companies increasingly depend on their sales reps to drive top-line growth. However the industry growth is not commensurate with increasing number of sales force in the past few years. Sales revenue alone does not tell the story.

The client under study has major presence in Neurology, ENT & dermatology. The company feels that in spite of their field force being regularly trained & well supported with promotional inputs the sales performance is non commensurate with HO inputs.

The Challenges Were…

The client wished to know their brand image and competitiveness of their field force vis-à-vis competition in respective doctor specialties of Neurologists, ENT specialists & Dermatologists.

Our Approach…

o Market Search India conducted face to face interview with specialty doctors. Perceptual mapping of field force and company vis-à-vis competition was carried out.

o In case of field force key parameters considered were quality of MR, regularity of communication and credibility of information whereas in case of company various parameters related to product, promotional inputs, certifications, R&D, clinical experience were considered.

o The major competitors in each therapeutic segment were considered for comparative evaluation.


The perceptual position of the client and its field force vis-à-vis competition was mapped on overall basis as well as for each study centre and doctor specialty. Brand map was used for showing the perceptual mapping of field force and companies on multiple parameters.