Segmentation Study


Category: Segmentation Study.

Objectives: To understand the segmentation of their accounts (hospitals) in terms of potential usage as high, medium and low.

Methodology: Face to face structured interviews.

Target group: The decision maker in instrument reprocessing.


The client has a proven track record of designing and delivering innovative infection prevention solutions that have raised the level of health and safety. They currently have installed their sterilizers across major hospitals in India but they are unable to generate expected revenue from the potential hospitals/ users, so they wanted to check the potential of their target users from sterilization usage point of view and classify them based on the potential so that they can formulate customized strategies for promoting high usage of their product.

The Challenges Were…

Though having empirical advances over other traditional sterilization methods, the client sterilizer has shown variation in the usage levels across the hospitals.

The company would like to increase the cycle count in growing segment and also to understand both barriers & triggers for usage of Sterrad to its optimal utilization.

Our Approach…

Multiple interviews were carried out to understand both motivators as well as barriers for usage of the steriliser.


From the study insights,
o Identified various departments of the hospital which can be potential users of steriliser as well as various type of surgeries which can be potential users for steriliser.

o Identified various drivers & barriers for steriliser usage.

o Segmented hospitals as per their potential usage.