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Shopping Habits

Shopping is an important and inevitable part of many people’s life. With rapid technology and lifestyle the shopping medium is changing. By understanding consumers’ buying habits and how they make decisions, one can have priceless business intelligence at your disposal. Purchase decisions are never made blindly. Even the most impulsive shoppers can be slotted into specific and predictable consumer buying decision categories.

Knowing consumers’ shopping habits: what products and brands they buy, where, when and how often they shop and how much they spend, enables retailers make quantified decision to offer proper product mix, design target advertising and campaigns, and provide customer-centric amenities to meet proactively consumers’ needs and desire. Customers award their “lifestyle” stores with (more) purchase, satisfaction, loyalty and word of mouth promotion.

Importance of shopping habit study:

o It helps review the customer’s psychological, motivational and behavioral reasons while he/she is making purchases.
o Helps determine external and internal influences that consumers face when making a purchase.
o Their sentiment towards specific brands or industries.
o How businesses can adapt their campaigns to have better appeal to consumers.

Shopping Habits helps one understand consumers’ lifestyles and anticipate their needs and desires. With Shopping Habits in the hand, one can identify the best customers, offer the right products, design more effective marketing campaigns, make store or service more convenient and experience an improvement in brand sales.

Using our smart business research and customer surveys, we’ll unearth a number of consumer purchasing habits and help you take consumer shopping to an entirely new level.