Research Solutions

Usage & Attitude

Usage & attitude study is used to gain understanding about the consumer needs and attitudes, their knowledge and use of certain products and brands in the product category and helps you to understand the strength of your brand’s presence in the market, get a clear picture of your brand’s position in the marketplace, what your consumers value, and where opportunities lie.

Understanding Attitudes…by determining:

o Consumer/user “needs”
o Attitudes toward brands – perceived brand performance
o Gaps between needs and performance
o Perceived strengths/weaknesses of client brands vis-à-vis competition

Understanding Usage…by determining:

o The “who-what-when-where-how” dynamics of category usage and behaviour
o How usage/behavioural dynamics change among brands
o Why consumers/users buy specific products/services
o Levels of brand loyalty and what drives it

The key benefits of usage and attitude research are:

o Identify brand loyalty & what drives it
o Understand how behavior and usage changes by brand
o Why consumers buy specific brands (and what is distinctive about these consumers)
o Identify any gaps between needs and performance (opportunities)
o Brand evaluation against competitors
o Lifestyle, media consumption, attitudes – provide detailed analysis opportunities
o The basis for a customer segmentation study

U&A Research mainly weighs the following indices:

o Brands: popularity, trial use rate, brand diversion, loyalty
o Usage: used products, users, application time, occasions, modes and frequency
o Purchase: purchased products, buyers, purchasing occasions, modes, frequency and amount
o Brand Assessment: overall, functional, emotional
o Media Contacts: TV, newspapers, radio, digital and outdoors
o Life Forms: social values, attitude towards life, family, career and purchase
o Background Information: business establishment time, sales revenues, number of employment and business ownership