Studies show that one of the most effective ways to receive honest and candid employee feedback is through an employee engagement surveys. Our surveys ensure 100% confidentiality while providing leaders with actionable insights about the organizations strengths and weaknesses.

It’s easy to see why leaders invest in the employee engagement survey process, but what do employees think?
With an experience of more than 100+ surveys analysis in the course of the years and found out some employees love the process, but at the same time some of them feel it’s a complete waste of time.

But why is that? Shouldn’t all employees value a process that is designed to make their opinions be heard and ultimately improve their work experience?

Well here is what the “I love employee engagement survey” category of people feel.

When an organization carries out an employee survey, It gives the employee a voice to express. It shows that the opinion of the employees is valued. The key now is to follow up and act on the opinions and feedback received with the help of the survey.

And now let’s see what “I hate employee engagement survey” category of people feel.

When organizations survey and leave the results to wither on the vine, employees actually become more disengaged, defeating the purpose of surveying entirely. Organizations must carefully consider employee feedback, address it, and communicate what changes were made based on the survey results. Which is why follow up after carrying out a survey is very important.

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