Who is my ideal customer?

Who is my
ideal customer?

High Return Over Investment starts with defining your ideal customer

Every business wants a big return on the investments they put in to the marketing and sales activities to attract customers and prospects who will generate revenue to their company.

Today’s consumers are demanding and discerning, they expect relevancy of communication and a good customer experience. Unless a company has an unlimited budget for marketing and sales activities, it is insane in spending your valuable time and money for marketing your product to people who aren’t interested in what you are selling.

Typical problems

Often marketers are seeking answers to many questions like –

o Who is my ideal customer? Whom I should target first, second and then…?

o What do they buy? How do they buy? When do they buy?

o What do they watch/read? What do they think about my brand vis-à-vis a competition brand?

o What are the demographic and psychographic profile of my key customers?

o Why my customer thought of some other company than me?

o What are their needs and desire? How do they think and behave?

Solutions from Market Search India

Conducting a customer profiling study for your customers is the only solution to know all these inputs. This is where Market Search India can help you!!!

Market Search India’s Customer profiling module would help the marketer to unfold the mystery of customer psyche and assist you to create a portray of your ideal customer by capturing the following information –

Demographic details: Age, Gender, Marital Status, Accommodation, Education, Occupation, Household income, life stages

Psychographic details: Personality, Interest and activities, lifestyle

Buying behavior: What/Where/When they buy? How frequently they buy?

Media Habits: What media they use? What they like to read/watch/listen? How frequently they engaged with media? Which media is most influential?

Brand Perception: Which brands they like most? Why? How do they perceive your brand vis-a vis competition brands?
With this approach, we empower our clients to design effective marketing communication strategies, enhance customer experience and brand engagement and boost the sales.

Clients who have benefited through our customer profiling studies are Godrej Interio, Ahuja Construction, Arvind Limited, Star bazaar, Inorbit malls, etc.